De-Worm (Mebendazole) Tablets


Active Ingredients

De-worm orange flavoured tablets contain 100mg of mebendazole.

Inactive Ingredients

Contains Saccharin sodium.

Product Description

De-worm is an anthelmintic agent, which means it is designed to destroy parasitic intestinal threadworms. The active ingredient in de-worm is mebendazole.De-Worm is available in a pack of 6 or 24 tablets. De-Worm is a single dose treatment and one tablet is sufficient to treat one person.


One orange flavoured de-worm tablet is all that is required to treat an adult or child, aged 2 to 12 years. This dosage is irrespective of their age, weight or size.

Warnings and Cautions

Distributed by: Multichem NZ Ltd, Auckland.
De-Worm - 4 tablets x 1 $10.08
De-Worm - 6 tablets x 1 $12.60