Naphcon-A (Naphazoline) Eye Drops


Active Ingredients

Naphazoline Hydrochloride 0.25mg/ml, Pheniramine Maleate 3mg/ml.

Inactive Ingredients

Benzalkonium Chloride.

Product Description

Naphcon-A Eye Drops, also know as Opcon-A, combines an antihistamine and a decongestant to provide effective and comfortable relief from the symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis, including watery, red and itchy eyes.

The active ingredients of Naphcon-A Eye Drops are the decongestant Naphazoline Hydrochloride 0.25mg/ml and the antihistamine Pheniramine Maleate 3mg/ml. Naphcon-A Eye Drops are available in a 15ml bottle with an attached dropper.


Warnings and Cautions

Naphcon-A is marketed by Pacific Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand.
Naphcon-A Eye Drops - 15ml x 1 $10.78