Cranclense - Cranberry Urinary Tract Formula

Active ingredient

Each effervescent tablet contains herbal extract equivalent to 10g of vaccinium macrocarpon (cranberry) fruit flesh.

Inactive ingredients

Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid - anhydrous, tartaric acid, maltodextrin, sorbitol, macrogol 6000, saccharin sodium. Gluten and lactose free.

Product description

Cranclense Cranberry Urinary Tract Formula helps to relieve bladder and urinary tract discomfort. It helps to discourage adherence of harmful bacteria in the bladder and has deodorizing properties that may prove beneficial in disguising urinary odours in incontinent patients.

Directions for use

Take one tablet daily dissolved in a glass of cold water to relieve urinary tract discomfort. May be taken up to four times daily if necessary.

Warnings and cautions

Douglas Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand.
Cranclense - 20 Effervescent Tablets x 1 $9.95