Alpine Silk Everyday Moisture Crème with Lanolin & Vitamin E

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Product Description

Alpine Silk is an international range of Lanolin skincare products made in New Zealand and known for its exceptional quality.

In 1890 the secret of Alpine Silk was discovered on an isolated sheep farm in Canterbury, New Zealand. Here it was found that the softest hands belonged to the rough-necked sheep shearers. Immersed all day in the natural sheep’s wool, the shearers’ hands absorbed the natural emollient qualities of the lanolin. Today modern science recognises the moisturising properties of lanolin and Alpine Silk utilises these natural characteristics to boost skin softness and hydration.

Alpine Silk Everyday Moisture Crème is enriched with Pure Lanolin and Vitamin E. Lanolin is oil found in sheep's wool - it is the closest oil to that which humans secrete from their skin. Lanolin, along with the other ingredients, work together to leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised. This product is Paraben free.


Directions For Use

Use daily as an all over body moisturiser.

Alpine Silk Cosmetics, PO Box 2384, Christchurch, New Zealand.

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