Hairy Lemon Effervescent Tablets

Active Ingredients

B Complex Forte: May help in the relief of nervous tension and stress. Assists in metabolic functioning of the body. Vitamin C: An antioxidant. Can also help the body's immune system. Guarana: Helps improve mental alertness. Ginseng: Aids recovery and can assist in maintaining peak effort during periods of physical activity.

Product Description

Hairy Lemon has been specially formulated for those who live a busy lifestyle. Hairy Lemon contains active ingredients to provide the body with energy, recovery, stamina and endurance. Hairy Lemon is Glucose and Lactose free. Contains Saccharin.

Directions for Use

Adults: Take one or two tablets daily, dissolved in a glass of water.

Warnings and Cautions

Distributed in New Zealand by Douglas Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Auckland

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